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  • What can our Modulars be used for ?
    This is completely up to you. Our Modulars are simply a living spaces that can be used in variety of ways: Guest house, unit for rent, cabin or cottage, storage space and etc.
  • How do we insulate our Modulars ?
    We use a highly efficient certified 2lb polyurethane closed cell foam, which essentially eliminates any air gaps or air transfer. This keeps your living space cool in the summer and warm in the winter which helps you to save on your bills.
  • How long does it take to get my Module ?
    From design and permits to full completion, it would typically take 6-12 months. Depending on your jurisdiction, permits can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to obtain. The Modular itself however only takes 1 to 3 months to build from scratch. We also carry a variety of products which are usually kept in stock and can be shipped to you right away upon availability.
  • How can I finance my Module ?
    There are a number of ways to finance a Factory-Built Home: Home equity line of credit, construction mortgage, refinance plus improvements, refinance, purchase plus improvements. If you would like to discuss in more depth, we would be happy to refer you to lenders we have worked with in the past.
  • What type of sea containers are used for our Modulars?
    For the majority of our products we use brand new high cube containers. Those containers are usually completely intact and do not have any visible or hidden damage on them.
  • Are our modulars net positive structures?
    All of our residential and commercial modulars are outfitted to be connected to a renewable source of energy (solar, wind etc.), which would allow them to produce more energy then it uses on annual basis. That creates a truly sustainable and green living space.
  • How much would a permit cost?
    The cost for permits differs for every city and it determined by each local governing authority. Generally you can find all of the information regarding permits in your City's official website.
  • Are your Modulars customizible?
    The majority of our products are shipped within 12 weeks after the construction deposit has been placed. This is possible due to the structural components of each of our modulars staying the same. Which means our standardizes products must stay the same for the majority of our product line. However we do offer fully costume Modulars on request on special terms. For more, please contact us.



Built with Steel

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