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Global Modulars is a Florida, USA based residential and commercial modular house manufacturing company.

Our engineers total construction experience is more than 180 years. And we produce and build according to USA construction codes.

Global Modular transforms High Cube cargo containers and other prefabricated structures into beautiful houses, apartment complexes or small office/business buildings, cafés, bars and many other constructions. 

We were founded in Europe in 1987, where our first modular houses were created.

From there we started expanding over Americas and Asia, where we have been providing quality prefabricated housing for years.

Now we are ready to expand and change the scene of construction in the US, Canada and Latin American markets.  


Production Facility

  • Industrial District in Sebastian, Florida

  • 450,410 SF gross land area

  • 34,587 SF production area

  • 2,142 SF offices

  • Up to date production methods and machines according to Manufacturing Codes of the USA



Built with Steel

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